Online Health Info- Part B, Inez Hicks

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Hi there my name is Inez Hicks

So today, I just wanted to make a small video to inform you guys about the privacy and safety of online health information websites. Just to start off, the number of websites offering health info online these days is growing online everyday. Even social media has become an outlet or a source for online health info for many people. Many online health resources are useful but some of them you have to know how to determine which ones have false info , which ones have reliable info and be able to differentiate between the two. So it’s important to find sources you can trust and know how to evaluate their content. Like I said , not all health information is accurate so you have to be cautious when you evaluate health info on the internet, especially if the site is trying to sell you something, is outdated, has outdated information, or makes excessive claims for what a product can do. Reliable health info is freely available online at no cost. So, there is no need to give away your details, like your email address. Many websites will pop up saying “Give us your email”, or something like that right when you login or when you first visit the site. So if you have to submit something personal like that, personal information check what will happen to your details first, because that could be a privacy issue that could affect you. You can do this, you can check into this by looking at the website’s privacy policy, Which tells you how the website manages your personal information and you may want to know if your data will be sold to other providers or organizations. A disclosure notice form informs you if a sight receives funding, or accepts forms of paid advertising, sponsorships, things like that. Also if you’re visiting a health website for the first time ask yourself the following questions to determine if it can be considered a reliable source. All five of them are who, what , when, where and ,why? The first one “who”, who runs the website and do you trust them? What. What does it say? And do the claims made, seem to be true? Thirdly is when? when was the information posted, updated, and is it up to date? Where. Where did the information come from? Is it based on scientific research or is it based on ideas that popped into a guy’s head in his basement at ten o clock at night and he went onto the internet and posted it. So you have to pay attention to things like that. Where is the source of the information? Is it just an idea or is it facts? And lastly why? Why does the site exist? Is it selling something, or is it there just for public advantage? Be sure that you know those five things before pulling information from a website. Lastly I just want to use an example of WebMD which is a very widely used website , it has so much health information, and with all of that information you have to question weather it is reliable or not. And so a sight like that, you can use these tips I just gave you to kind of decipher weather or not the info is reliable or unreliable , and weather or not those red flags that I previously mentioned pop up while you’re looking through the site. If you can, stick with .gov websites because it’s reliable info and it’s approved , and .gov websites are health information websites that you can trust and that you should stick to. And that is my little four minute and seventeen second video of knowledge. Have a good one!


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